Nurses could lose Safeguards over Maximum Working Hours


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  1. Stacey says:

    Pretty sure in my trust we sign out of this WTD anyway.
    Nurses do 7 night shifts and finish a 14 hr shift at 21.30 and start again at 07.30

    1. Matt says:

      Many trusts were doing this a few years ago but in recent times have come under fire from the CQC who see anything less than 11 hours between shifts as inadequate.

  2. LScaife says:

    Another nail in the coffin of the NHS. The staff working in all areas of the NHS will be badly affected and patients will suffer. The EU have far too much to say in how we run this country.

    1. Peter Pettigrew says:

      THe EU doesn’t dictate what the rules are it sets limits. THe UK could just stick with the lower limits if it wishes. As if

    2. Scaramange says:

      You do realise that it was the EU safeguards stopping exactly this from happening?

      I think you may be at cross-purposes to what the article says.

    3. Caroline says:

      The EU has given working people greater protection, shift patterns, leave and benefits. The 48hr WTD, the alleged 11hr between shifts (that no one adheres to), not working on-call on your days off.. Maternity/paternity/parental leave etc etc etc. The EU has protected the working person in this country!!

    4. Noel Eaton says:

      This amendment is being requested, in Brussels BY THIS COUNTRY !
      It been put forward by the Tory MP for Christchurch.
      On behalf of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT !

  3. Davina says:

    All health care workers know lates followed by a early is a killer
    We are only nurses so it doesn’t matter use and abuse us
    Don’t start me on how bad paramedics get treated
    I never thought we would be better privatised but I’m actually thinking it now.

    1. Jack says:

      “I never thought we would be better privatised but I’m actually thinking it now.”

      That is the Problem-Reaction-Solution being conditioned into people’s mind through the Government’s privatisation strategy.

    2. Simon says:

      What makes you think that you would be treated any more fairly in the private sector?

  4. Pat says:

    In our trust we are losing nurses. We can’t recruit into jobs no one wants to work shifts or nights. Day case and endoscopy have no problems recruiting. Something needs to be done. We haven’t changed our shifts still finish at 9 and start at 7.30 the next day. Working time directive has passed us by.

    1. Suzi says:

      You are right Pat a private company’s first priority is to make a huge profit so they will exploit workers even more to get more out of them for less…

      They deplete the NHS of money too as private hospitals are paid handsomely for NHS work and they use staff trained a a cost to the NHS. This will eventually destroy our national treasure, that belongs to the people as it becomes ripe for the wholesale privatisation of the system and we will all pay the price literally!!! Welcome to the bave new world American style….

  5. brunei555 says:

    LScaife — the European Working time directive actually capped hours for nurses and doctors — it’s one of the good things from the EU! The governments scrapping of it with the other new changes to the doctors contracts (they’ll be coming for the nurses next) mean they could make you work 16 hours a day, six days in a row, for no extra money.

    Whilst of course MPs, get a pay rise and debate having a four day week with perks after 8.

    It’s actually quite sickening. I am British but already fled. Luckily for me I already work in New Zealand, but I feel for my UK colleaugues.

    1. Matt says:

      If I could convince my other half – I’d be joining you..

    2. katharine says:

      Me & my partner are both nurses & trying to emigrate. Many nurses are doing the same. I’m glad that you are enjoying new Zealand. We are considering it too

  6. Steve Mudge says:

    This is another back door change by this government, designed to assist Hunt! Instead of employing more staff, force the currently overworked staff to work even longer!

  7. ray says:

    can the health authority be sued over this as it creates an unsafe ward and working conditions. because cqc will only put the hospital in special measures and thats stage 1 for closing it

  8. Denise says:

    Think I will leave nursing and become a M P regular pay raise off Easter ,Summer Holidays
    All Christmas and New Year help with payments for my second home every weekend off
    Cheap meals at the house of commons o and I can retire at 50 with a good pension DONE

  9. katharine says:

    A friend of mine worked 6 x 12.5 day shifts without a day off & 8 x 12.5 night shifts without a night off. The trust HR said hours are averaged out over 6 weeks! Firstly they pay monthly & it works out he worked 100 hours in 8 nights. The WTD is a joke to begin with. Most trusts I know don’t allow people to work to many days without a day off though.

  10. sharon says:

    Well let’s make it more unsafe for p’ts and staff. There will be no nurses left soon. I love my job but hate not seeing my daughter for 3 or 4 days a week due to long 12 hour shifts. This is really making me reconsider career And considering leaving nursing altogether.

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