10 Apps for UK Nurses & Healthcare Professionals

Mobile Apps are the new hot-topic in Nursing, they allow nurses access to a vast array of information quickly in a simple format without leaving the patients bedside. Here is a rundown of the apps no Nurse should be without.

1) NICE BNF - Drug information.

Why: The app, developed by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence provides you access to the last drug information, side effects, dosages and much more. You can also download the BNF specific to children.


AVAILABILITY: iOS and Android; Free

2) NICE Guidelines - Guidelines & Policies.

Why: Developed by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence the app provides you with access to the most up-to-date and gold standard policies and procedures.

AVAILABILITY: iOS and Android; Free

3) Eponyms - Dictionary of Terms.

Why: Eponyms brings a short description of more than 1'700 common medical eponyms to your device.

AVAILABILITY: iOS and Android; Free

4) Medscape - Directory of Information.

Why: Although based in the US, Medscape can provide you with a fountain of information on drugs, diagnosis, symptoms and patient management.

AVAILABILITY: iOS and Android; Free

5) Drug Calculations - Medical Calculations.

Why: Learn the formulae to calculate and administer drugs for adults, practise your skills and see how well you’re doing with this 40 minute app.


6) WebMD - Patient Information.

Why: Again based in the US but most of the information is transferable, be aware of differing brand names for drugs.

AVAILABILITY: iOS and Android; Free

7) Lab Tests - Blood Result Interpretation.

Why: This fantastic tool allows you to interpret blood test information, find normal ranges and suggest tests for specific conditions.


8) Twitter - Social Media.

Why: Ton of organisations now tweet out information and updates to their followers. If used correctly twitter can be a fantastic tool for nurses. Remember to follow us @NursingNotes on twitter.

AVAILABILITY: iOS and Android; Free

9) Shift Worker - Rota Manager.

Why: This allows you to easily keep track of your shifts, study days and days off. It is a fantastic tool and can help you plan your life for a better work life balance.


10) Figure 1 - Diagnostic Tools.

Why: Figure 1 is like Instagram for Healthcare professionals, the content is upload by its users and gives you an insight into the weird and wonderful of the medical world.

AVAILABILITY: iOS and Android; Free