16% of Nurses plan to vote Conservative

Prime Minister Theresa May speaking at the Hungerford Community Centre and Social Club in Bristol.

An online survey by the NursingTimes revealed that 16% of Nurses plan to vote Conservative.

According to the NursingTimes a online survey of 1,500 nurses found nearly half of respondents said they planned to vote for Labour, 16% planned to vote Conservative and 8% for the Liberal Democrats.

However, the survey showed that around 18% said they were yet to make up and 3% said they did not plan to vote at all.

The remaining 6% is split between the Green Party, UKIP, the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru.

Sadly, how nurses plan to vote does not tally with which party’s policies they think were most friendly to the NHS, suggesting issues like Brexit are more important for some despite warnings from the RCN and BMA.