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2,000 Extra Nursing Associates Expected in 2018

Nursing Associates at Countess of Chester Hospital

Health Education England has said that at least a further 2,000 people are expected to be trained as nursing associates in the NHS and social care during 2018.

Leaders at Health Education England (HEE) have vowed to provide at least an extra 2000 places for students wanting to train as Nursing Associates. This will be in addition to the posts that already been announced.

This follows the formal release of the Nursing Associate Trainee job description and news that the new role will be subject to regulation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

The aim of the pilot is to create a new generation of nursing staff that will bridge the gap between healthcare assistants and registered nurses.

Although the role has been a the source of heavy criticism Health Education England feel Nursing Associates might be the answer to the looking staffing crisis.

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Tom Sandford, director of the Royal College of Nursing in England, says “We are very worried they are going to be a nursing workforce on the cheap. We want to understand more about the training. It is endemic in the public sector. It is not just in nursing, in almost every area of public service they are looking for substitution cheaper labour“.

You can view the Department of Health’s Infographic on ‘Route into Nursing‘, which was released following the announcement explaining how Nursing Associates can “top-up” to a degree in order to become a Registered Nurse.