5 Essentials for your First Day of Nursing Placement

Your feeling a little excitement and a whole lot of scared but knowing you have the essentials for placement is half the battle.

Unfortunately, if you arrive on your first day of placement unprepared, you’re already behind the curve. Our comprehensive list will put you ahead of the curve and ready to start your journey to Registered Nurse.

So, what do you need? Here is our list 5 Essentials for your First Day of Placement - you should also take a look at Practical Book & Reading List and the 10 Facts about being a Student Nurse. 


A Positive Attitude

It can all feel a little overwhelming, especially if you've not worked in healthcare before, but don't forget to smile and enjoy it. All your hard work has finally paid off and your on track to becoming a Registered Nurse.

PRO TIP: Try and buddy up with a fellow student nurse or care support worker - they can show you the ropes and routine.

Get Comfortable Shoes

Student Nurses spend all day walking around, turning patients and generally putting stress on their back. Therefore it is ESSENTIAL that you own a good pair of comfortable and supportive nursing shoes.

PRO TIP: You should check out the 6 Most Comfortable Nursing Shoes According to Nurses.

Know Your Documentation

The school of nursing will have provided you with, what feels like, a million pages of paperwork to complete during your time on placement - make sure you know it well.

PRO TIP: Spend a few hours to get to know your paperwork and mark out important bits with indexing flags.

Pocket Notepad & Lots of Pens

It will feel like your being overloaded with information. Put yourself ahead by getting a good pocket notebook and an extensive supply for black pens. This will let you quickly scribble down anything you need to look up later; drugs, conditions etc.

PRO TIP: Don't buy cheap pens. They leak - all over your uniform. Try these.

Feed your Body!

Your nervous so you might not feel like eating but your body needs nourishment. A good breakfast and healthy lunch will keep your energy levels up and you will find it easier to concentrate. Finally, make sure you keep your fluid levels topped up throughout the day.

PRO TIP: Hospital canteens can be expensive. Take a packed lunch - it will save you a fortune!