Over 7,000 Nurses could face job losses in further NHS cuts

New secret government plans reveal more than 7000 Nurses could face job loses despite a mounting bed crisis.

NHS Trusts will ordered to draw up measures to save £22bn and reorganise current services in order to meet rising demand from an ageing population.

Trusts across England have been ordered to draw up have already been ordered to draw up “sustainability and transformation plans” (STPs) to deal with the rising pressure on healthcare services. You should read our post on 5 things you need to know about STPs.


The 'secret' documents leaked to the Telegraph suggests that these savings could result in the loss of more than 17,000 staff by 2020 which includes 7300 nurses and midwives.

These controversial measures could see further bed cuts in many parts of the country and further closures of A&E departments - despite the current bed shortage.

Tom Sandford, Royal College of Nursing Director of England, said reductions in nursing posts would have “truly frightening” implications for patient safety.

Nursing staff make up the biggest proportion of the NHS workforce. There are already 24,000 vacant nursing posts across the UK” he said.

We have been hearing from members how the current situation is the worst that many have ever experienced. The situation cannot be allowed to worsen.

An NHS England spokesman said the planning process was still ongoing and was unable to confirm any planned cuts to services. You can read the full Telegraph article here.