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Anatomy Lab LIVE to Perform Live dissection

Anatomy Lab LIVE offers a journey through the human body like never before, take part in the live dissection of VIVIT –the worlds only semi-synthetic human cadaver

Anatomy Lab LIVE is brain-child of Samuel Piri founder of Inspire to Aspire Events. Samuel is a trained anatomist, teacher and science speaker. Samuel pioneered the successful school based medical experience Operating Theatre Live which takes a real operating theatre and anatomy into schools and colleges all over the UK. Samuel developed Anatomy Lab LIVE as he believes by showing people the intricate workings of the human body people will learn the importance of keeping healthy. Samuel has spoken at events all over the UK with speakers including Piers Morgan and Robert Winston to name a few. Samuel hopes to educate and inform the public about the damage poor lifestyle choices can cause to the insides of the body while at the same time inspiring them to make better life choices leaving them healthier and fitter for longer.

Samuel goes on to say; “The human body is a complex machine, VIVIT and I will give you the chance to peel back the skin, to see how disease and poor health affect your internal organs. Join us this February for an unforgettable journey through the human body”.

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The event opens at The Cuttle Bridge Hotel, Minworth in Birmingham on Saturday 18th February 2017 with a second performance on Sunday 19th February 2017. The event begins at 6.00pm finishing at 11.45pm. Tickets include a two course sit down meal before the procedure and tea/coffee afterwards. Tickets are priced at £60.00 per person or a group ticket that admits 4 is £200.00. All ticket holders must be +16.

You can book directly through their website.