Author Guidance

About Us

NursingNotes primary publishes short, concise and easy to read articles designed for consumption by nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Our ethos is ‘by nurses for nurses’.

As an organisation, we understand that words have power. The guidelines below offer advice on the type of articles we publish alongside the desired writing style and layout.

Writing Style

Our aim to publish short, concise and factually accurate articles that are easy. Writers should avoid using overly-complex or technical language and explain any abbreviations used.

Articles are required to have a logical order; a short introduction followed by an in-depth analysis or explanation and concluded with any alternative view points or commentary.

For more information on writing plain English go to:

Article Types

We publish five main types of article;

  • Healthcare news. News content is usually based on local and national current affairs. It should be factual and writers should avoid including their option.
  • Clinical news and updates. Clinical news content should is usually based around the latest clinical evidence alongside local and national policy updates. It should be factual and writers should avoid including their option.
  • Speciality. Authors usually works within the field they are writing about and can provide expert opinion. Content should be factual and any claims should be backed up by up-to-date evidence.
  • Education. Content is written to inform and educate the reader on a specific topic. It should be entirely factual and evidence based.
  • Opinion. Content written for publication as an option does not need to be backed up by evidence although authors should refrain from making overly controversial or spurious claims.


As an organisation, we understand that words have power. We, therefore, require all NursingNotes authors and contributors to be accurate with their words, features, and headlines.

All articles marked for publication pass-through an editorial process that seeks to ensure any claims are correct at the time of publication.

Images & Tables

Images featured within articles must be licensed.

Authors can either obtain permissions from a copyright holder to use an image or select an appropriate image from one of our stock partners.

Tables can be included in a high-resolution format attached to your submission.


While authors retain the copyright to their own work, they grant us an unlimited licence to use and publish content as we see fit.

Authors are expected to take provide appropriate citations and take steps to avoid plagiarism. If articles include diagrams or assessment tools you are responsible for obtaining permission for use prior to publication.