Business as usual for 'dedicated' NHS staff amid severe snow storm

Dedicated NHS staff across the UK are tackling the 'Beast from the East' head-on to keep vital health services running.

Thousands of dedicated healthcare staff will be making their way to work this morning in adverse weather conditions despite the closure of schools, shops and other essential services - NHS hospitals remain open and health bosses say it has to be 'business as usual'.

Storm Emma, dubbed the 'beast from the east', has lead to some of the worst weather conditions in recent years with snow reaching several feet in some areas.


Several NHS trusts have triggered emergency plans to ensure continuity of their services.

Health bosses have said however that the sheer dedication of staff cannot be doubted following reports emerge of nurses walking miles in the snow simply to ensure patients are safe and carers leaving their cars at the side of the road to attend visits.

Healthcare providers have started to make alternative provisions for their staff as the weather worsens and NHS England has urged the public to attend hospital only if absolutely necessary.

City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust said that members of its intensive care staff had been helped in by the generous aid of relatives and it has provided beds and toiletries for staff who are unable to return home overnight.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital and the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust both arranged for stranded staff to be collected by 4X4 (pictured).

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust took to social media with a plea for anybody to assist in getting staff to work.

Patients are being urged to only attend appointments if it is safe to do so and are being adviced to make contact with services prior to attending to ensure clinics and operations have not been cancelled.

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