Can you Delay your Revalidation Date?

You might be finding it difficult, like many, to meet the NMC's Revalidation criteria. Can you extend or delay your revalidation date?

The NMC does have some criteria in place that allows you to delay or extend your revalidation date. The criteria however is very specific and refers to "exceptional circumstances". Even if the NMC permit you to extend or delay your revalidation date you will still be required to meet the existing PREP criteria.


According to the NMC website you can only delay or provide an exemption to revalidation date if:

  • You have been on maternity or sick leave for a significant amount of time meaning you have had insufficient time to complete the require criteria.
  • You cannot meet the criteria because you have a protected characteristic under the Equality Act.

Finally, according to the NMC website they can only extend your revalidation date by up to 6 weeks if you have a documented exceptional circumstance. They encourage you to contact them via email, giving as much notice and evidence as possible. The NMC state that they will only provide a single extension. They fail to provide an examples of "exceptional circumstances".

Any delay, exemption or extension to your NMC registration will NOT include the payment of the annual fee - so you will still be required to pay this at the usual time to ensure you registration is maintained.

If you are having difficulties in meeting the criteria we advise you to contact the NMC as soon as possible. You should also read the 'How to Revalidate' booklet carefully. 

The information on this page was taken directly from the NMC's 2015 How to Revalidate Booklet. 

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