Confessions of a Junior Doctor reveals the sad truth about the NHS

Channel 4’s Confessions of a Junior Doctor reveals the sad truth about the NHS and why so many Doctors and Nurses are leaving.

It's no secret that healthcare workers have some of the toughest professions and the Channel 4 documentary Confessions of a Junior Doctor shows that things are only getting worse.

There is only a single word that can describe the Junior Doctors featured in the show – and that is exhausted.


The show follows three trainees at different stages in their careers as they speak openly about their day-to-day lives working in an NHS Hospital.

In a single day, Dr Holly Lomos is responsible for between 50 and 75 patients and admits since starting the job she hasn’t finished work on time once. She says: “The most difficult thing when you start as a new doctor is realising that you’re not going to be able to help everybody".

The current strain on the NHS to provide services to an increasing number of patients on an ever decreasing budget is taking its toll on junior doctors and other healthcare professionals as moral reaches an all-time low.

On top of low moral, recent changes to taxation laws (IR35) and NHSI recommendations mean that staffing shortages are also hitting the NHS hard.

Last year almost a third of junior doctors left the NHS after two years and applications to work in the NHS from EU countries has dropped by 92%.

You can watch Confessions of a Junior Doctor on Channel 4.

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