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Write to the NursingNotes Editor

Write to the NursingNotes Editor

Letters to the Editor are published on a multitude of topics and can be used to give you, the reader, a voice.

Letters usually address a specific concern or query that readers wish to share with the wider nursing community.

About your letter

How can I ensure my letter is published? You should ensure you keep your letter short, concise and don’t wander from the point. It should be free from spelling mistakes.

Can my letter be published anonymously? We understand that some topics are extremely sensitive and may publish letters from readers who wish to remain anonymous.

What won't you publish? While we accept letters that contain controversial or debate-provoking content, letters that are defamatory or aggressively target a specific person or organisation will not be published. We also do not publish letters that are specifically written to promote a product or service.

Send your letter

You should send your letters by email to or via social media.

We will review your letter and contact you if we intend to use it for publication. Anonymous submissions can be sent via our contact page.

We apologise but we cannot respond to all correspondence.

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