Doctors' Strike Dates Announced by BMA

Junior doctors are set to strike for three separate days in December if the members ballot supports the action.

The British Medical Association (BMA), the doctors union, has set three prosed strike dates prior to the results of the ballet. While an unusual move the understanding is this is to allow ministers to plan and minimise the effect on patients.


It is highly likely that the vote for industrial action will pass, even after the government changed the required goal-post for any strike action earlier this year.

Negotiations between Hunt and the BMA have broke down several months ago culminating in an offer of a 11% pay rise earlier this month - this offer was rejected by the BMA as it would still result in a an overall pay decrease and the reduction of staffing safeguards.[symple_box style="boxinfo"]

Proposed Action Dates

1st DecemberFor 24 hours Doctors will provide 'emergency care only'. This will be similar to the services offered on Christmas Day.

8th December Doctors will refuse to treat any patient between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

16th December Doctors will once again walk-out refusing to treat any patient during 8am and 5pm.[/symple_box]

In an email to all BMA members council chair Mark Porter wrote: “We are releasing this information at this early stage because we want to give as much notice as possible.

“It sounds like an oxymoron when talking about industrial action, but we genuinely want to minimise any disruption to other NHS staff and, above all, to patients.

“Our dispute is with the government and our ballot for industrial action is a last resort in the face of their continued intransigence.”

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