Nurse who Contacted Ebola Subjected to NMC Investigation

Pauline Cafferkey, a Nurse who contracted Ebola whilst graciously volunteering her time in Africa during the outbreak, is currently subject to an NMC Investigation for “Intending to Conceal” her temperature from medical staff.

Pauline was sadly infected with the disease while working at a Save the Children’s treatment facility in West Africa in December 2014 after responding to an NHS appeal.

In December 2014 she returned back home to Scotland complaining that she felt unwell and had a high temperature.

Within days of her return she was taken to the Royal Free Hospital in London where she spent almost a month in isolation and was described as being in “critical” condition.

The NMC charges states: “That you, a registered nurse, on 29 December 2014 whilst in the Public Health England (PHE) screening area at Terminal 4, gave incorrect responses to questions 4.1 and/or 4.2 of the screening form and allowed an incorrect temperature to be recorded on your PHE screening form.

The NMC hearing is due to take place in Edinburgh next month.

Nurses around the country have called for the charges to be dropped and Pauline allowed to return to practice – many believe the form was filled out incorrectly “in error”.