Educational changes could results in only 1150 hours of placement for Students Nurses

Controversial new educational guidelines reveal that students could only complete 1150 hours of clinical placement before qualifying.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has launched a formal consultation process on a proposed new set of educational standards. Part of the new educational standards state that students could complete up to 50% of the required 2300 hours of clinical practice using simulation.

These changes could results in a dramatic fall in the number of clinical placement hours student nurses complete during their training. If implemented, the proposal would mean that only 1150 hours of clinical placement would be mandatory.


Currently students must complete 2300 hours of their training within a clinical setting - working directly with patients and other healthcare professionals.

The NMC has not stipulated how universities would decide which skills should be taught clinically and which should be taught as part of simulated practice.

The changes come alongside an extensive list of clinical skills such as; NG tube insertion, IV drug administration, catheterisation, ECGs, venepuncture, and blood transfusion administration.

The plans have come under heavy criticism from both student and qualified nurses with many saying more hours of placement are needed, not less.

The NMC’s consultation on pre-registration education standards will now run until 12 September. They are expected to open a second consultation on proposed new standards for medicines management and prescribing on Thursday.

You can take part in any consultation on the NMC website.

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