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Number of EU Nurses coming to UK falls 90% since Brexit vote

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Number of EU Nurses coming to UK falls 90% since Brexit vote

The number of Nurses coming to the UK from EU countries has significantly dropped since the Brexit vote, and have continued to slow.

Only 101 Nurses or Midwives from other EU nations joined the register last month. This is a sharp drop from 1,304 in July 2016, the month immediately after the referendum.

The statistics from the NMC demonstrated a rise in the number of EU nurses who have decided to stop working as Nurses or Midwives in the UK. With 318 deciding to leave the NMC register last month - nearly twice the amount who did in June 2016.


Jackie Smith, NMC chief executive said: “This is the first sign of a change following the EU referendum and it is our responsibility as the regulator to share these figures with the public.

She clarified it was too early to “definitively” link the trends to Brexit vote.

Currently there are 24,000 nursing vacancies across the UK - the NHS could not cope without the contribution from EU nurses.

It was announced last week that more than 7,000 nurse posts could be axed from NHS hospitals in further NHS budget cuts.

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