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Government to offer some EU Nurses “UK settled status”

The Prime Minister has said that three million EU citizens living in the UK would be allowed to stay after Brexit.

EU migrants who have lived in the UK for the last five years are to be offered “UK settled status” which would mean they would be free to remain in the UK as well as to access health, education and other benefits.

The proposals were unveiled at a Brussels summit yesterday but are dependent on EU states guaranteeing UK citizens who live in EU countries the same rights.

With a record number of EU nurses leaving the NHS in the past 12 months and applications for EU Nurses to work in the UK have dropped by a massive 96% is this too little too late?

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The changes would still mean uncertainty for EU citizens who have lived and worked in the UK for less than 5 years or those that are looking to migrate.

Theresa May said; “The UK’s position represents a fair and serious offer, one aimed at giving as much certainty as possible to citizens who have settled in the UK, building careers and lives and contributing so much to our society”.

May has received further cross-party criticism with Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat Leader, saying; “Theresa May could have given a guarantee from day one, instead she has allowed our friends, colleagues, and neighbours to live in uncertainty for a year”.