Hancock says he 'loves the NHS' and has 'admiration for its staff'

In his first act as Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has written about his love for the NHS and his admiration for its staff.

Following his promotion to one of the most senior and sought-after positions in government, the new Secretay of State for Health and Social care, Matt Hancock, has written about his 'love for the NHS and admiration for its staff' in the Health Service Journal.

He writes that "Britain can be proud of many institutions we have built through history," but the one that makes me most proud is the NHS."


"We have rightly spent the last few weeks celebrating the National Health Service at its 70th birthday, and looking back at its amazing achievements, my job now is to look forward."

"Some things are very clear to me already," adding "The doctors, nurses, porters, managers, leaders and other care workers are the people who underpin our great NHS and without you, we would have nothing. I have a message for you: I will work with you, I will back you and I will make sure you have the long-term plan you need. Every single person who works in the health and social care system - of every rank - has a part to play in improving the health of our nation."

He said two things are abundantly clear to him: "how hard NHS staff work. And secondly, how people feel undervalued."

Pulling from his previous experience as the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport he adds we must use the "best of modern technologyto make "life easier for staff." and discussed the use of artificial intelligence (AI) "to organise and analyse medical records" and apps to moniter patients.

Before finally signing off the article with; "I love the NHS and I will always believe in it. And as Health and Social Care Secretary, I promise I will listen and learn and work with you, and will do everything I can to defend you and champion all the hard-working staff who make our NHS what it is today."

Mr. Hancock's comments come on the same day that UCAS announced that applications for undergraduate nursing degrees have dropped by a further 12%.

You can view the full article on the HSJ or Department for Health and Social Care website.

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