Hancock's promise of '£50m extra every single day' for the NHS doesn't add up

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care promised an additional £50 million a day in funding.

During a speech, yesterday at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, Matt Hancock the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, promised the NHS an additional £50 million a day in funding - which he equated to £20 Billion over 5 years.

However, healthcare professionals many taken to social media to claim the figures 'just doesn't add up'. One person said; "£20 Billion over 5 years is not £50 million every day? He’s not telling the truth." 


Twenty billion in additional funding over five years actually equates to around eleven million a day.

£50 million extra every single day

Following a question regarding the Conservative Party ensuring adequate funding for the NHS, Mr Matt Hancock said; "we've committed to an extra £20 billion over the next five years. That's £50 million extra every single day"

"I recognise that funding is important, but so to is improving some of the other things that we've been talking about, and we can only do it if we listen to the staff on the frontline like yourself madam, and make sure you get onto the new website, 'TalkHealthandCare', that is launching today to make sure that you put your point there.

"But this extra £20 billion is there to guarantee the NHS for the long-term and the crucial thing is we've got to spend it wisely.


During his speech, the Secretary of State announced the launch of a new digital platform called ‘TalkHealthandCare’, which staff can use to post ideas, questions and challenges for government.

The platform will be available on computers, phones and tablets. It will continually update to reflect the views and ideas of staff.

TalkHealthandCare will seek views on improving work-life balance, speeding up the implementation of useful technologies alongside training and development.

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