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Hospital in China Introduces "Hover-boards" for Nurses

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Hospital in China Introduces
Image: AsiaWire

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University’s College of Medicine say nurses are already walking 5,000 steps fewer.

The hospitals say an internal study found that Doctors and Nurses were walking an average of 25,000 steps every day and has introduced the "hover-board" in a bit to reduce their workload.

Nurse Zhang Jitao explained the hospital used a simple step-tracking application on their phones to complete the study which revealed medical were taking an average of 25,000 steps a day - the majority of which were walking between patients and to the labs.


He went on to explain that by decreasing the number of steps that doctors and nurses take will allow them to allocate more energy towards treating patients.

According to the report, since the introduction of the hover-boards staff are walking 5,000 steps fewer.

Initially, introduce to their Intensive Care Unit staff at the hospital admit the sight of medical staff moving around the hospital on hoverboards is unusual, they insist it should catch on.

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