How to Claim Tax Relief for Healthcare Workers

If you are a UK taxpayer and work in healthcare you can claim tax relief and you might even be entitled to a tax rebate. To be entitled to tax relief you must be a Nurse, Doctor, HCA or other allied healthcare professional.

There are a lot of companies online who can do this for you although they charge a large fee, usually between 20 to 50 percent, this is unjustified because its something you can do yourself with very little work. This page will show you how to claim your tax relief and tax rebate yourself, it will cost you no more than a stamp.


You are entitled to tax relief on the following items:

  • Professional Registration Fees such as the NMC, GMC, HPC etc.
  • Union Fees such as the RCN, Unison, BMA etc.
  • Subscriptions to the Nursing Standard etc.
  • Laundry costs for your uniforms.
  • Yearly sock and shoe allowance.

The great news is - it's fantastically simply to apply for your tax relief and maybe even a substantial tax refund. Sadly however refund claims are limited to the previous 4 tax years.

You should specify on the form how, if you are eligible, you want to be paid your back payment. You have two options, one is a cheque, the other is a tax-code adjustment.

If you are a Nurse or Midwife - You can find the RCN 'Tax Relief' form here: TAX RELIEF.

If you are a HCA or MSW - You can find the RCN 'Tax Relief' form here: TAX RELIEF.

If you are a Doctor - You should login to your BMA account and you can download the form here.

If you are an AHPC - The HPC recommend you contact HMRC by telephone or use this form.

* It is not mandatory that you are a member of the RCN to use the form, simply supplement the RCN specific information with Unison, Unite etc. 

Send completed forms to:   PAYE AND SELF ASSESSMENT, HMRC, BX9 1AS.  You should hear back within 4 to 6 weeks.