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How to Find out your NMC Revalidation Date


Revalidation will be a requirement for all practising Nurses and Midwives from April 2016. Practitioners will need to provide evidence, reflections and independent verification that you have met the NMCs new practice criteria.


You can see our NMC Revalidation Guide for more information on the criteria you will need to meet prior to your revalidation date and then every 3 years after.

Find out your Revalidation Date

  1. You will need to have register for the NMC Online service – this involves registering via the NMC site then confirming your identity by a unique pin that will be posted to you.
  2. Login to the NMC Online site with the username and password you setup.
  3. Your NMC Revalidation date will be listed as ‘Renewal Date‘.
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NMC Revalidation Date

Your employer will be asking for these details in the near future to help plan for revalidation and support you through the process.

If you don’t wish to use the NMC Online service you can call the NMC and request this information over the phone.