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Hunt says NHS Problems are ‘Unacceptable’ and there are ‘No Excuses’

Isabel Infantes / EMPICS Entertainment.

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, says he has a plan to ease pressure on the NHS after condemning issues raised by BBC Health Check.

Jeremy Hunt said there was “no excuse” for some of the issues identified in the BBC’s NHS week and the government has a plan to help hospitals cope.

Several documentaries shown by the BBC, including Hospital, highlighted lengthy waits in A&E and patients being nursed on trolleys for hours.

Mr Hunt states in the interview with the BBC that the key was to treat more people “at home and in the community” and explained there is a “big transformation” underway – admitting however it would take some time to implement.

He said there was “no excuses” for some of the stories that have emerged this week, including the case of Iris Sibley who has been in hospital at the Bristol Royal Infirmary for more than six months because a nursing home place could not be found for her.

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He goes on to say “It is incredibly frustrating for me. I am doing this job because I want NHS care to be the safest and best in the world. That kind of care is completely unacceptable. No-one would want it for members of their own family.”

You can view the whole interview on the BBC website.