Hunt suggests NHS pay rise conditional on boost in productivity

The Health Secretary has suggested that a pay rise for NHS staff will be funded only if the NHS becomes more productive.

During an interview on the Andrew Marr Show the Health Secretary hinted the Chancellor had agreed to discuss a pay rise for NHS staff under the condition the NHS 'improved productivity'.

Mr Hunt’s comments came after he announced earlier this month that the one percent cap on NHS pay would be scrapped.


When asked the BBC’s Andrew Marr how much it would cost to give all NHS staff a 3% pay rise, he suggested a figure of around £1bn.

Jeremy Hunt, The Health Secretary, said;

“The Chancellor has said that if we can have a negotiation and look at some of the ways that we could improve productivity at the same time then he is willing to have a discussion with me about whether extra resources can be found.”

“What we have to do as a Government is to make sure that the NHS gets the resources it needs and that has been very difficult because of the financial situation.”

However, Mr Hunt refused to comment on if the money used to increase staff pay would lead to cuts elsewhere in the NHS.

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