Do Nurses Need Indemnity Insurance?

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has made it a  requirement for Registered Nurses to hold indemnity insurance.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) made it a revalidation and registration requirement in 2015 to hold indemnity insurance to cover your practice. This cover is designed to offer legal assistance should you action or omissions be called into question.

Thankfully, both Unison and The Royal College of Nursing offer indemnity insurance to its members but you should contact them to clarify if you are covered.


Below is some general advise on if you should need separate indemnity insurance to practice. For specific advise on the need for indemnity insurance you should speak to your employer, union or legal advisor. 

Are you employed?

If you are employed by either the NHS or a private organisation, you should not need a separate indemnity scheme.  Your employer holds vicarious liability (is responsible) for your actions and omissions and is required to provide appropriate cover for you.

Student Nurses

Student Nurses are covered for indemnity by both their university and placement area and usually practice under the instruction of a Registered Nurse.

Self-Employed Nurses

If you are self-employed and working for your own company or through an umbrella company then you may need separate indemnity cover. You should speak to your union or an independent legal advisor.

Agency Nurses

'Bank' working such NHS Professionals or overtime at your local trust will be covered under their vicarious liability provision.

If you are working for a private agency you should check to see if they offer indemnity insurance.You should ask for a copy of the indemnity insurance policy to view inclusion and exclusion criteria. 

Voluntary Work

Your Union should provide cover for volunteering work or when acting as a good Samaritan. You should ask for a copy of the indemnity insurance policy to view inclusion and exclusion criteria. 

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