Jeremy Hunt hinted at the end of pay restraint for NHS Staff

Jeremy Hunt has hinted at the end of pay restraint during a conference for NHS leaders in Liverpool today.

Following his reappointment, Jeremy Hunt, has hinted at the end of pay restraint for healthcare staff. During a conference with NHS Leaders in Liverpool today he has promised to discuss the issue further with the chancellor.

He is due to meet with RCN chief executive and General Secretary Janet Davies in the coming weeks to discuss the issue further.


NHS Staff have been subjected to an on-going 1% pay cap following recommendations from the NHS Pay Review Body.

During the this speech he said; “I’ve said many times, I have a great deal of sympathy for the case that nurses amongst others have made on the issue of pay".

“I think they do an absolutely brilliant job, they work very hard and need to factor in that there is an enormous amount of good will and time given free of charge because people care about their jobs – and see it not as a job but as a vocation".

“We have our budget that we have to live within, but public sector pay is a matter for the chancellor, because it is policy that is set across the whole of government".

“But I have had a very constructive letter from Janet Davies, head of the RCN, since I came back into office and will be meeting with her. And I will make sure our conversation is reflected back to the chancellor before he makes that decision".

Finally, he added that he had noted an “enormous amount of goodwill” among staff who worked extra hours for no extra money.