Jeremy Hunt reappointed as Secretary of State for Health

Downing Street confirm Jeremy Hunt will continue in his role as Secretary of State for Health.

Theresa May has announced that she will not undertake a major reshuffle of her senior cabinet ministers and Jeremy Hunt will remain in his position as Secretary of State for Health.

May, who failed to obtain a majority in yesterdays election, announced an informal alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party to ensure the UK has the "strong and stable" government it needs.


Most of the cabinet jobs remain unchanged:

  • Chancellor of the Exchequer - Philip Hammond
  • Secretary of State for the Home Department - Amber Rudd
  • Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs - Boris Johnson
  • Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union - David Davis
  • Secretary of State for Defence - Michael Fallon
  • Health Secretary - Jeremy Hunt
  • Communities Secretary - Sajid Javid
  • International development - Priti Patel
  • Transport - Chris Grayling
  • Business - Greg Clark

Throughout the election, the National Health Service (NHS) has regularly topped the polls as the issue at the forefront of voters' minds alongside Brexit negotiations.

Jeremy Hunt first became health secretary in 2012 after taking over from Andrew Lansley who introduced the controversial Health and Social Care Act.

Hunt remains unpopular with NHS staff following the imposition of the new junior doctors contacts, the removal of NHS Bursaries for Student Nurses and ongoing pay restraint for NHS workers.

Nursing Unions are set to tackle the issues 'head on' after The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) announced a 'summer of action' earlier this year.

It has yet to be announced who will undertake the role as Shadow Secretary of State for Health.

We have approached The Conservative Party, The Labour Party, Unison and the Royal College of Nursing for comment.