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Leicester Launches First Dedicated Sepsis Team in A&E


University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust is the first in the country to launch a dedicated sepsis team.

The ‘Sepsis Team’ are dedicated to the recognition and treatment of sepsis in the hospitals A&E department. The trust claim it is the first team of it’s kind in the country.

It’s primary aim is to ensure patients who arrive in the department with suspected sepsis receive prompt diagnosis and initiation of treatment. What are the Sepsis Six?

The team is made up of healthcare professionals from a multitude of backgrounds including critical care, emergency medicine and theatres.

Clair Ripley a Sepsis Practitioner told the NursingTimes: “I’m excited to drive forward excellence in the care of septic and deteriorating patients in our ED and across the rest of our organisation.”

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John Parker, the trust’s lead consultant, said the sepsis team had been set up from Monday 6 February with funding from the NHS Litigation Authority.

“On an average day there could be between five and 10 people coming into the emergency department with potentially life threatening sepsis,” he said. “The team will support the emergency team to recognise and immediate treat anyone who we suspect has sepsis”. “They will then help make sure that patient gets the right care from emergency surgery to intensive care support”.