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London Network Looks for Students to Engage with Homeless Issues

London Network Looks for Students to Engage with Homeless Issues

The London Network for Nurses and Midwives (LNNM) was set up in 1999 to bring together specialist nurses and midwives to influence health policy in London.

There are roughly 40 core members, with around 15 nurses attending each meeting. There are over 200 hundred specialist practitioners on our pan London email distribution list, and links with many others outside London. The group meets bi-monthly and there is usually a presentation on an area of interest they also maintain a website, which is intended as a hub of information for members and other interested parties working in homelessness. Specialist nurses, midwives and allied healthcare practitioners working in all areas of homelessness are welcome. For example we have members who work with refugees and asylum seekers, homeless families, clients with TB, and sex workers.

The LNNM runs an annual conference, this year focusing on ‘Integrating Services for Inclusive Healthcare’. For the first time the network is looking to include students by recruiting enthusiastic individuals with interests in supporting homeless & vulnerable clients, and undertaking qualitative research to facilitate professional focus groups at the conference on Friday 12th May, 2017. This is a volunteer run event hosted by a dedicated and enthusiastic multidisciplinary team that’s really excited for students to become a part of it!


Students would gain free entry to the conference and a unique opportunity to participate in the research process in exchange for recording the discussions. This would be suitable for students at any stage of their studies and has always been highly valued by previous volunteers – it is a unique learning opportunity. The LNNM are hoping to recruit 30 to 40 student volunteers to work in pairs/threes facilitating & recording a group of approx. 30 professionals as they discuss issues around integration of services to provide inclusive healthcare.

The LNNM would also be delighted to hear from any final year or postgraduate students with an interest in undertaking thematic analysis of the data collected. This could provide material for a fantastic thesis or dissertation for anyone with an interest in the area and would enable us to disseminate the insights generated widely in order to enlighten service development, commissioning and policy making.

Anyone interested in volunteering can email:

The LNNM look forward to having your support & involvement and sharing this exciting event with you! Find out more.

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