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Male Student Nurses to receive Bursary to address ‘growing gender imbalance’



Colin is a Student at the University of Coventry

Male Student Nurses will be eligible for a new bursary to help address the ‘growing gender imbalance’ in nursing courses.

Following the final withdrawal of the NHS Bursary in England, The University of Coventry has announced the availability of £30,000 fund to financially assist 10 male students in subjects where they are under-represented, including; nursing, physiotherapy, midwifery, occupational therapy and dietetics.

Funded by the National Express Foundation Group, –  the bursary will give 10 men £1,000 in each year of their degree to assist with the costs of living and studying.

According to the official figures from the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), men accounted for just 10 per cent of the total nursing students at UK universities. In 2016, only 2,800 men were accepted onto a course, compared with 26,000 women.

Following the removal of the NHS Bursary, the total number of student nurses fell dramatically.

Rob James, Academic Dean for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Coventry University, said:

“We support all initiatives taking positive action to address unequal gender representation in any subject discipline, and this bursary does so across healthcare training”.

“While there’s lots being done nationally – and at Coventry – to encourage women into sciences and engineering we hope this new initiative will lead the way in addressing the persistent low proportion of men working in many healthcare professions”.

The new funding is believed to be the first bursary created specifically for men taking nursing and healthcare courses in UK higher education.

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  1. Pe Nelope Kay Greenhough

    9th August 2017 at 11:04 am

    ..isnt this illegal under the sex discrimination act? what about all the already highly qualified, home grown, NHS trained staff caught out by project 2000 and locked out of returning to their profession while languishing as single mothers? ie: female persons? hullo?

  2. hillybilly1

    9th August 2017 at 9:11 pm

    Bit worrying that people in the medical profession and those writing about it don’t know the difference between sex and gender. Quick straw poll here 11 out of the 12 women here wouldn’t even consider a male midwife. And the other only for checks not in labour. Waste of money. Women deserve women.

    • NursingNotes

      9th August 2017 at 10:04 pm

      The bursary is available to everyone of the male gender, that is why the term gender not sex is used.

      • bevtoastily

        15th August 2017 at 2:46 am

        No such thing as “male gender”. There is a male sex, and that is it.

    • Bryan Scandrett

      11th August 2017 at 4:16 pm

      Equality, buttercup. It’s a step down for women. Get used to it.

  3. Bryan Scandrett

    11th August 2017 at 4:15 pm

    Wow! I wonder what’s driving this? Given nursing has always had more women than men since forever. A bit like those quotas for women in bricklaying. Or any of the 3 Ds.
    Dirty, difficult and dangerous. Comes as quite the surprise women anywhere want to share anything indoors with men.

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Shift Planner for Nurses, Students & Support Staff




Shift planning is essential for safe care, some people using a piece of paper others have their thoughts well arranged in their head, either way everybody does it.

This shift planner has been designed with newly qualified nurses and student nurses in mind but would be suitable for anybody to use.

You can download our Shift Planner for FREE. You are free to download, print and distribute our shift planner as you wish. You will need a PDF reader on your PC to download. 

The planner has been created with two primary columns, one for your main nursing priorities and one to remind you to hand over jobs to the next shift. It also features a small key and area for general notes. Due to limited space we have only included enough room to plan up to eight patients, if you need more we encourage you print doublesided.

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Today marked the End of the NHS Bursary




Today marked the end of NHS bursaries for new nursing, midwifery and healthcare students in England.

As from today, new nursing, midwifery and other health students such as occupational therapists and physiotherapists will no longer receive NHS bursaries to cover their tuition fees and living costs.

Instead, the trainee healthcare professionals will be reliant on student loans and face leaving university with upward of £50,000 of debt despite on-going pay restraint.

The department of health says ending the bursaries will free up £800m a year to help create additional nursing roles.

Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, this week announced 21,000 new posts to improve mental health services but with over 11,000 nursing vacancies and training figures at an all time low the Royal College of Nursing has criticised this plan.

Student healthcare professionals in Wales will continue to receive NHS bursaries on the condition they commit to working in the country after qualifying.

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