Meet the Team

The NursingNotes team is small but diverse and lead by frontline Registered Nurses. We strive to ensure high-quality content adheres to IMPRESS standards and is brought to the nursing profession without a paywall.

Members of the NursingNotes core team have the unique opportunity to work in a flexible capacity.

Meet the Team

Matt Bodell is the editor and one of the founders of NursingNotes. He works clinically at a large acute trust in the East Midlands and has a passion for clinical education. Matt firmly believes that nurses should be empowered to use their clinical knowledge and be at the forefront of health issues.

James McKay is a Freelance Writer and Journalist working exclusively for NursingNotes. Alongside his role at NursingNotes, he currently works for the media team of a large Australian hospital and has a passion for patient safety.

Beth Taylor is our Social Media Manager and Administrative Assistant for NursingNotes. Beth is currently looking to complete her nurse training and join the profession.