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NHS Agenda for Change 2018/19 Pay Scales

Sarah J

Unison start balloting members over proposed pay deal

Ian Snug

Rejecting the pay deal is ‘deluded’ and ‘unrealistic’, says RCN Negotiator

James M

Mobile Stroke Unit will see patients receive life-saving care faster than ever

Matt Bodell

NMC launches consultation on proposed standards for nursing associates

Clare Bodell

Steep rise in reported assaults against NHS staff

Chloe Dawson

Students caught in loans fiasco may not receive full future payments

Tom Lennard

How to engage more foreign nurses in health politics: history, language and solidarity

Ani Burr

5 things I learned in my first month as a Registered Nurse!

Katie B

Matrix for the Use & Critique of Articles in Assignments

Roger Watson - Professor of Nursing, University of Hull

Nurses don’t need bursaries – here are four reasons why

Shellie R

Top Tips for Your First 12 Hour Shift

Andrew H

Are you ever ready for your first Cardiac Arrest?

Zoë Faggetter

Looking after yourself so you can look after others

Sarah Stock

Just a Nurse

Dan Langley

It isn’t a 6.5% rise, it’s three years of pay cuts

Karen Landels

The Life & Times of a Theatre Nurse


5 Things You NEED To Know About STP

Lou L

London Network Looks for Students to Engage with Homeless Issues

Greg U

Revalidation – a Blessing or a Curse?

Dr Andy Whittamore - Asthma UK

Ventolin Accuhaler and Seretide Accuhaler inhalers recalled


New ban on agency staff will ‘remove a lifeline’ from the NHS

Simon Huxtable

Are Unions still valued in the modern workplace?

Drew Payne

You should read the small print of the pay deal before signing

Helen Cowan

How do nurses say goodbye?

Clare Bailey

Why Work In A Care Home?

Deirdre Mulvenna-Pegrum

My ‘average’ day as a Student Nurse

Sarah Brown

This Uniform

Hannah Simpson

Being a midwife is more than just “delivering babies”