MPs to Vote on Lifting the Public Sector Pay Cap

MPs will vote on lifting the public sector pay cap on Wednesday during a debate on the Queens Speech.

The Labour party have called for a formal vote on the removal of the 1% pay cap for public sector workers. The vote will be tabled in the House of Commons tomorrow (28/07/2017) during the government's debate on the Queen's Speech.

The question is likely to be tabled by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) at around 12pm and will be debated further later in the day.


It is set to be the first vote of the new Parliament.

Last week the Royal College of Nursing and 14 other healthcare unions wrote to Theresa May and called upon the Government to commit to the removal of the pay cap and address the real-terms loss of earnings. They warned that failing to do so could lead to industrial action across the board.

Today marked the start of the Royal College of Nursing's 'Summer of Protest' today with rallies across the UK. The RCN took action following a recent poll of RCN members which found 91% would support a form of industrial action following ongoing pay restraint.

Janet Davies, General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said: "Hours after nursing staff have staged protests in thirty towns across the UK, MPs will have the first opportunity to show they are listening".

The protests will have left Theresa May in little doubt over nurses’ fears for the safety of their patients and why this cap on pay must go."

It is speculated that the vote could pass by a slim majority if it gains support from backbench Conservatives.

Unions have advised members to email their members of parliament as soon as possible to make their voice heard.

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