5 Best Hand Creams for Nurses

Let’s take a look at the best creams to help heal Nurses’ healing hands.

Clare Bodell
20 March 2017
cracked hands

Washing and using alcohol gel on your hands can leave them cracked and dry. We take a look at the best hand creams for Nurses and healthcare professionals.

As a Nurse your hands are, very literally, are the tools of your trade and hand washing is one of our best infection control precautions, we nurses should never settle for cracked and irritated hands.


Let’s take a look at the best creams to help heal Nurses’ healing hands.

Helping Hands by Lush

Originally created with nurses in mind as well as all those with cracked and sore hands. Honey is a natural antiseptic and, together with lavender and African marigold essential oils, brings relief. An infusion of gentle chamomile helps to reduce redness, while linseed mucilage softens rough hands and helps to minimise cracking. Almond oil, shea butter and cocoa butter are what makes this cream so moisturising, all bound in a loose emulsion that ensures it sinks in.

Where to buy? Lush stores or online.


Protect Your Lovely Hands by Yes Nurse

This new brand is a trusted cult favourite of busy nurses, mums and beauty fanatics from across the UK. Developed over 2 and a half years, this unique protective formula offers a highly nourishing, 24h ‘Super Moisturising’ benefit with each bottle crammed full of essential Omega’s, antioxidants and powerful natural actives such as +15 Active Mankua Honey and White Willow Bark Extract – together designed to soothe, hydrate and revive tired skin all day long. Yes! Nurse has received rave reviews from users all over the country.

Where to buy? YesNurse.co.uk or Amazon.

E45 Repair and Protect


E45 Dermatological Repair & Protect Overnight Hand Cream Dry Skin is an overnight moisturiser to help keep normal to dry skin feeling soft and smooth. Ideal for use on even sensitive skin, its unique and dermatological formula is enriched with vitamin B3, which bolster the skin’s natural defences and enhance skin cell regeneration at night. Natural oils nourish and help restore supple, softer and noticeably glowing skin.

Where to buy? Any chemist, drugstore or Amazon.

Dr Ceuticals Super Repair

This advanced gylcerine-based hand cream boosted with anti-ageing coenzyme Q10 and a pro collagen petide helps to intensly moiturise and replenish lost moisture and suppleness to hands. Skin-conditioning Allatonin and antioxidant Acai combine to further boost repair and nourishment. Light and non greasy the cream sinks into skin quickly to leave hands dry-to-the-touch but restored.

Where to buy? Boots the Chemist or Amazon.


L’Occitane Amande Delicious Hands

A rich and nourishing hand cream to hydrate and revitalise your skin. This non-greasy cream formula helps to moisturise and soften your hands while enveloping them with the subtle scent of fresh almonds.

Where to buy? L’Occitane or Amazon.

Hemp Hand Protector

Honourable mention! Our best-selling Hemp Hand Protector helps soften and protect hands. It is dermatologically tested for very dry skin and contains Community Trade hemp seed oil.

Where to buy? The Body Shop or Amazon.

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