Cosmetics giant refuses service to NHS worker citing COVID concerns

Theoretically NHS workers pose a smaller risk than the general public due to twice weekly lateral flow testing.

Chloe Dawson
14 April 2021
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A “blanket policy” is in place to “protect” staff and other customers.

Benefit Cosmetics has today come under fire for allegedly refusing service to an NHS worker after they admitted to working with COVID-19 patients.


The firm has confirmed in a statement on social media that a “blanket policy” is in place and insists it is needed to “protect” staff and other customers.

According to the companies website, prior to attending an appointment with Benefit Cosmetics customers undergo a screening process, if they admit to having been in contact with anyone suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19 their appointment is cancelled.

Nurses have taken to social media to express their upset at the companies policy.

Many have pointed out that theoretically NHS workers pose a smaller risk than the general public due to twice weekly lateral flow testing – designed to pick up asymptomatic carriers.


Under current guidance from Public Health England (PHE), a healthcare worker wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) caring for a suspected or confirmed case of COVID does not count as a COVID exposure.

In a statement on social media, the company said; “The company policy that is currently in place means that all customers must participate in a screening provided by the company ahead of their service

“Unfortunately, anyone who fails the screening will not be able to have their service completed by our Benefit Teams and this does mean that anyone who has come into contact with anyone suspected of having COVID or its symptoms will be refused the service.

“This is to try to protect both our Customers and our Staff and screening is also performed on every staff member before the start of each day to ensure the highest level of health and standard is adhered to at all times.


“The last thing we want to do is refuse any of our customers and their appointments either on our counters or our Brow Bars, and whilst we completely appreciate the position this puts you and your fellow key workers in, it has to be our policy for the time being and it has to be a blanket policy that is consistent for all Benefit customers.”

Benefit did not respond to a formal request for comment.

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