Cosmetics giant u-turns over NHS staff ‘blanket ban’

The company says it has now made an amendment to its policy to reflect Public Health England guidance. 

Matt Bodell
17 April 2021
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NHS workers wear PPE and undergo twice weekly lateral flow testing.

Benefit Cosmetics has made a u-turn after being criticised for refusing service to an NHS worker after they admitted to working with COVID-19 patients.


Allegedly the NHS worker was refused service after admitting on a pre-appointment screening questionnaire that they worked with COVID patients.

The firm admitted that a “blanket policy” was in place to automatically cancel the appointments of customers who may have come into contact with the virus.

Many quickly pointed out that theoretically NHS workers pose a smaller risk than the general public due to twice weekly lateral flow testing – designed to pick up asymptomatic carriers.

The company says it has now made an amendment to its policy to reflect Public Health England (PHE) guidance.


In a statement, a spokesperson said; “You’ve told us, We’ve listened, We’ve made some changes.

“We know how important Beauty Services are to our community, and we love having you in our pink chairs.We’ve been so excited to welcome you back this week, in the safest way possible, for both you and our wonderful teams who have missed you so much.

“Like all policies live in action, reviews and changes will need to happen, and today we have done that to ensure we can welcome as many of you back as possible, safely.

“When you stop by our Brow Bars for your next Beauty Service, we’ll ask you three important screening questions before we wow your brows.”


Customers will now be asked if they were wearing “medical grade PPE” alongside their other screening questions.

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