Couple on a mission to provide free hand care to all NHS nurses and midwives

Jonny Philp and his wife Antonia, a PICU nurse, are on a mission to provide free hand cream to nurses and midwives.

Clare Bodell
7 June 2018

Nursem are on a mission to provide free hand cream to NHS nurses and midwives.

When Jonny’s wife, and Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse Antonia, was forced to take time off work due to the condition of her hands he felt he had to act and has since been developing a specialist hand cream alongside a group of nurses and Newcastle Science City.


The result is Nursem, a naturally derived skin care formulas that has been approved for use in hospitals.

Nurses and midwives wash their hands an average of 55 times a day and research, completed alongside the NursingTimes, concluded that 87% of nurses suffer from sore, dry or cracked hands and over half of nurses say they did not have regular access to hand cream at work.

The couple have promised that for every product sold, they will provide a month’s worth of free hand cream to an NHS nurse or midwife.


Jonathan Phil, one of the founders of Nursem, said; “It may seem dramatic, or over exaggerated but a nurses hands are such a vital part of their tool kit.  Without them, it’s impossible to do the job they love so much – especially when facing back to back 12hr shifts with sore, cracked skin! So we want to do something about it.


“It’s such an ongoing problem, and affects so many nurses, midwives and other HCP’s across the country – we needed to do something to help.  By providing free access to specially formulated hand care, we can give staff the chance to protect their hands and work in comfort – and if that’s not a worthy goal, I don’t know what is.”

They have just 4 days left of their crowdfunding campaign and need our help to raise the final £2000, so please make a pledge or share their campaign with a friend who will support them on their mission:

Great news for nurses! They’ve just launched the ‘Free Nursem List’ and are looking for nurses to tell them where to send free Nursem hand cream if they reach their target. Simply enter your details here to add your ward or clinic will be added to the list.

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