BBC’s ‘Hospital’ returns with a story of the NHS in unprecedented times

The BBC’s ‘Hospital’ will return to screens on Monday and show how a hospital and its staff manage during the […]

Ian Snug
25 March 2018

The BBC’s ‘Hospital’ will return to screens on Monday and show how a hospital and its staff manage during the busiest winter on record.

The BBC critically acclaimed documentary will return to screens on Monday (26/03/2017) after being filmed at one of the biggest and busiest teaching hospitals in the country, Nottingham University Hospitals‘ Queens Medical Centre and City Hospital, during the busiest winter on record.


The popular show was filming when the hospitals emergency department was at its worst, with the waiting rooms and corridors filled with patients on trolleys and during filming the NHS ordered the suspension of all non-urgent care.

Each episode shows the impact of ever-increasing demands on the NHS’s services shown from different perspectives – patients, families, clinical staff and managers.

Despite the pressures of limited resources and increasing patient numbers, ‘Hospital’ shows the extraordinary work of some of NUH’s 15,000 staff as they push the boundaries of what is possible with cutting-edge treatments, clinical research, innovations and life-saving operations.


NUH’s Chief Operating Officer, Caroline Shaw, says letting the cameras in was all about showing a wider audience what it takes to deliver care in one of the country’s biggest and busiest teaching hospitals.

She said: “‘Hospital’ has been a good opportunity to show people our exceptional staff and the hard work and dedication of ‘Team NUH’ who are committed to providing the best quality of care. This isn’t a sugar-coated look at the NHS; it is a true picture of the challenges but also captures the moments of absolute pride in the excellent care that we give to our patients and their families.

“We hope people will get a real insight into the inner workings of NUH, and the many, many unsung heroes in the background who do such a fantastic job of keeping our hospitals running 24/7. ‘Hospital’ shows the extraordinary work our staff do every day from routine care to cutting- edge treatments and life-saving operations.”

‘Hospital’ returns to BBC Two on Monday at 21:00hrs.


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