NHS Staff in Liverpool threatened during ‘attempted theft’ of hospital equipment

Extra security measures are said to now be in place.

James McKay
26 April 2018

Staff at the Royal Liverpool Hospital were threatened by a group of people ‘demanding hospital equipment’ in an attempted theft.

Merseyside Police have confirmed they received multiple reports of three people ‘acting aggressively towards hospital staff’ at the Royal Liverpool Hospital yesterday morning.


We have been unable to ascertain which items of hospital equipment the group attempted to take.

Extra security measures are said to now be in place.

It has been rumoured that staff in Liverpool Hospitals have been advised to removed NHS ID badges when not at work amid ongoing fears over potential hostility towards healthcare workers.

Earlier this week a doctor from another Liverpool Hospital, Alder Hey, spoke about the “genuine fear” staff are experiencing after staff received a raft of threats and abuse due to the ongoing Alfie Evans case.


Chief Inspector Chris Gibson said: “Luckily nothing was stolen during the incident and no one came to any physical harm.

“However, no member of the public, regardless of where they work, should ever feel subject to verbal abuse.

“Our National Health Service staff are a credit to all living in and around Merseyside and for them to feel threatened in their place of work will simply not be tolerated.

“I strongly warn anyone not to consider using hospital equipment without proper training as this can have serious consequences on all those involved.”


A spokesperson from the Royal Liverpool University Hospital said: “Following this incident, we have implemented additional security measures at all our sites.

“We have also provided our staff with advice regarding their own safety and security, following local reports of abuse towards NHS staff.

“Abuse of NHS staff and all those whose role is to protect and care for others, should not be tolerated. We work with the police to report all such incidents and there is a police presence at our emergency department every weekend.

“Our emergency department remains open as usual for those with serious or life threatening conditions.”

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