NHS workers increasingly frustrated as promised pay announcement delayed

They have blamed a delay in the “receipt of written and oral evidence by the review body” for the date being pushed back.

James McKay
22 June 2021
Nurse pay bills

The independent pay review body originally planned to publish its recommendations in “early May”.

NHS workers in England are becoming increasingly frustrated after a promised pay announcement has been delayed.


The independent organisation that advises the Government on the pay of NHS workers was originally set to publish its recommendations by “early May” but now says it will be by the end of June.

The NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) takes into account and reviews evidence from the Government, healthcare unions and NHS employers before publishing its recommendations.

A spokesperson for the OME acknowledged the delay and told NursingNotes that the NHSPRB will publish its report “this month” rather than in May as previously planned.

One per cent.

The OME blamed timing and a delay in the “receipt of written and oral evidence by the review body” for the date being pushed back.


They also pointed out that while the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care stated that he would welcome the NHSPRB’s report in early May 2021, this was subject to “further discussion” with the OME.

Following the publication of the report by the NHSPRB, the Government will make a final decision on pay. It will either accept the recommendations of the body or reject them and propose an alternative offer.

Healthcare unions have been calling for an immediate pay rise of between 12.5% and 15% since July last year.

Earlier this year the Government said a 1% rise was all it could afford due to economic pressures.


In contrast, Scotland announced a pay rise of “at least” 4% for all its NHS workers earlier this year. 


Nurses United UK, a grassroots NHS campaigning group has called the delay “disgraceful”.

Anthony Johnson, Lead Organiser for the group said; “After everything that nurses have been through during the past decade, let alone the past 18 months, it’s disgraceful to see the way Westminster has treated NHS workers’ pay.

“There are 100,000 vacancies within our NHS and a third of nurses are able to retire within the next 5 years. The PRB needs to prioritise patient safety and speed up their recommendation for a restorative pay rise.

“Waiting until lockdown ends in some vain attempt to hope that public’s support for a substantial pay increase drops is disgraceful and playing politics with nurse’s and our patient’s lives.”


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