Nurse Kirsty Boden died after she ran to help victims of London attack

Kirsty Boden, a 28 year old Nurse, died after she ran to help victims of the London attack in an act […]

Sarah Jane
6 June 2017

Kirsty Boden, a 28 year old Nurse, died after she ran to help victims of the London attack in an act of pure selflessness.

In an act of pure selflessness, Kirsty sadly died after she ran to administer live-saving treatment to others who had been injured when a van ploughed into people on London Bridge.


Kirsty, from the town of Loxton in the state of South Australia, was working as a Staff Nurse in Theatres Recovery at Guy’s Hospital who have said “Kirsty was an outstanding nurse and a hugely valued member of the staff team in Theatres Recovery, described by her colleagues as ‘one in a million’ who always went the extra mile for the patients in her care.

A keen travel blogger Kirsty recently said;

“At risk of sounding cliche, life is short and we should all use the time we have wisely”.

There were several reports of off-duty Doctors and Nurses running to help the injured during the attack on London and the UK’s Chief Nursing Officer has since thanked staff for their “tireless efforts and commitment”.


Kirsty’s family have said in a statement: “Kirsty was loved and adored by her family, friends and boyfriend”.

“She was the most outgoing, kind and generous person who loved to help people”.

“Helping people was what she loved to do in her job as a nurse and in her daily life”.

“As she ran towards danger, in an effort to help people on the bridge, Kirsty sadly lost her life”.


“We are so proud of Kirsty’s brave actions which demonstrate how selfless, caring and heroic she was, not only on that night, but throughout all of her life. Kirsty – we love you and we will miss you dearly”.

Today the country saw a minutes silence as it remembered those who lost their lives in London.

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