Paid-for travel vaccinations now covered by the RCN indemnity scheme

The state-backed indemnity scheme does not provide cover when vaccines are paid for by the patient.

Sarah Jane
15 July 2019
Travel Vaccination

Indemnity cover will be provided for NHS staff providing paid-for vaccinations.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has announced that staff providing paid-for travel vaccinations in England and Wales will now be protected by the RCN indemnity scheme.


A State-backed indemnity scheme for general practice (GP) staff was introduced by the NHS in England and Wales earlier this year. It is provided by NHS Resolution and offers automatic cover to all staff working in NHS GP services.

While the idemnity schemes included travel vaccinations given in GP surgeries, it excluded circumstances where vaccinations are paid for by the patient.

The RCN has now extended its indemnity scheme to cover this gap.

The change means both employed and self-employed RCN members providing paid-for travel vaccinations from GP practices not included in CNSGP in England and GMPI in Wales will be covered by the RCN indemnity scheme.


Peace of mind.

Roz Hooper, RCN Head of Legal Services (Regulatory), said: “For the most part, these new state-backed schemes in England and Wales give our members working in GP services peace of mind about their indemnity cover as they’re automatically included.

“However, members providing important paid-for travel vaccinations have now been told that this service will not be included in the scheme. We know this must be worrying to members and we want to support them so they don’t have to face the decision of either no longer providing the service or purchasing expensive insurance just for this.

“We think that the provision of travel vaccinations in GP practices is an important public health benefit in local communities, because expert advice can be given at reasonable cost.

“We have decided to extend our RCN indemnity scheme to cover both employed and self-employed members in England and Wales who provide travel vaccinations from GP services. This is so they can be fully confident that between the state-backed schemes and the RCN, they are covered for all their clinical practice.


“Importantly, for the same subscription, our members also have access to all the RCN’s other professional legal workplace services, including employment advice and support for NMC referrals, criminal investigations, inquests and employment tribunals.”

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