Photographs taken over four decades showcase women in nursing

A paramedic and talented photographer has shared their images on International Women’s Day.

Sarah Jane
8 March 2021

The photographs show how the profession has evolved over the past decades.

A set of photographs taken over four decades by a healthcare professional is helping celebrate women in nursing on International Women’s Day.


Paramedic and talented photographer Chris Porsz has published images he took of¬†colleagues in Peterborough’s hospitals between 1980 and the present day in a new book titled Just Be Kind.

The photographs show celebrate women in the profession and demonstrate how nursing has evolved over the past decades with the images of the 1980’s show doctors in white coats and nurses wearing dresses, a buckle, and hats.

The images also show how nurses have worked autonomously even in the 1980’s as Staff Nurse Jeanette Paxton and Sister Elizabeth “Bess” Bambridge suture, and Sister Jane Mayes bandages Ron’s finger.


Hospitals corners were always expected by Maton as Student Nurse Alison Pearce and Staff Nurse Mandy Overland make beds in the morning.


Fair pay has always been an ongoing battle for registered nurses even in 1982, this image shows nurses campaigning for a 12% pay rise for all – much like today.

Jumping forward to the 2010’s the uniform might have changed but nurses continue to show their clinical experience – these pictures from Amazon Ward show a shift changeover.


Healthcare assistant Amy Hibbert provides comfort to an elderly patient, demonstrating that while the uniforms may have changed the empathy and compassion required to become a member of nursing staff has not.

The role of a nurse is becoming increasingly autonomous with nurses having an ever-widening array of clinical skills.

Nursing staff respond to an emergency buzzer on the unit – where they often work alongside their medical colleagues to deliver life-saving treatment.

Just Be Kind is available to buy online with part of the proceeds from Just Be Kind will be donated to support breast cancer research.

Mr. Porsz managed to capture a couple of images from the coronavirus pandemic before he retired in December 2020 with the closing page of the capturing staff clapping outside their hospital.

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