MPs vote against protecting the NHS from privatisation

Despite cross-party support, the motion was voted down.

James McKay
24 October 2019

The motion was designed to prevent the privatisation of NHS services in trade deals with the US.

Yesterday, MPs voted down an amendment to the Queen’s Speech which sought to prevent the privatisation of NHS services in any future trade deals with the United States.


In a parliamentary procedure known as a ‘regret motion’, Labour MPs made the case against NHS privatisation using the recent collapse of Carillon as an example.

Despite cross-party support from Labour, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, and the Green Party, the motion defeated by a margin of just 28, with 281 Conservative MPs, 19 Independent MPs plus all 10 DUP MPs voting against it. All nineteen Liberal Democrats abstained from the vote.

‘Refused to safeguard the NHS’.

Labour claims that the privatisation of NHS services has “more than doubled” under the current Conservative Government.

Jonathan Ashworth MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, alongside Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn voiced their disappointment on social media.


Ashworth said; “Tory MPs have refused to safeguard the NHS from a Trump deal sell off that locks in privatisation.

“The actions of Tory MPs and inaction of Lib Dems who abstained, risks further privatisation of our health system and could open the door to US pharma forcing our NHS into buying more expensive medicines.

“This yet again shows only Labour can be trusted with our NHS.”

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