Leaked document reveals planned RCN election interference and union ‘chaos’

The document also plots ahead planning for “sustained social media negativity about the RCN” and “committee resignations”.

Matt Bodell
25 November 2020
Voting hand detail

The group planned to “contest” the election of two unnamed candidates.

A document leaked has revealed how a group of members attempted to manipulate the outcome of the recent Royal College of Nursing (RCN) presidential elections.


The “Happy Days” document, which originated from outside the organisation, outlines how a group of unhappy members planned to “contest” the election of two unnamed candidates.

Leaked on Twitter by an unknown individual, it is claimed that the documents show how the unknown group plan to “create an appearance of chaos” and suggests that “current issues within the RCN may be attributable to this group rather than the organisation itself.”

It sets out an action plan plotting certain major events including; the unions ruling Council asking the current Chief Executive and General Secretary to stand down, and ensuring a favourable candidate is elected.

The document also plots ahead planning for “sustained social media negativity about the RCN” and “committee resignations”.


It is assumed that the term “Happy Days” signifies a desirable outcome for the unknown group.

Happy Days.

Divisive, fictitious, and nefarious.

The union is currently in a dispute with a group of members after two presidential candidates were disqualified from the recent election for alleged rule violations.

In a public statement, the group said; “We, the undersigned members of the RCN General Meeting Petitioners’ Working Group, wish to completely distance ourselves from the divisive, fictitious and nefarious document that is being shared online on social media. We had no involvement in this document’s creation, and it is not something any of us recognise.”

“As we have stated all along, we wish to work collaboratively with RCN Council to address the governance failings throughout the Presidential election, which led to the General Meeting this November 27th at 11 am.


“We made these intentions clear, both in the original wording of our EGM petition and in our recent online meeting, which is freely accessible to all members. Notably, we believe the timing of this document’s release, two days before the General Meeting, is being used to maximise tensions and create factions within the College.

“These are undoubtedly well-known political tactics used to spread fake news. Sadly, certain individuals are for whatever reason attempting to create disruption, distraction and discontent at a time where we need to be focusing on the issues at hand.

An RCN spokesperson said: “Friday’s meeting will be a constructive debate about our future direction. This document has no status and no bearing on the meeting.”

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