NMC announces the end of ‘mentorship’

Any registered nurse or midwife, even if they’re newly qualified, can be a practice supervisor.

Matt Bodell
2 October 2018
Student Nurses treatment

The NMC has announced significant changes to their educational standards.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has announced the introduction of ‘academic assessors’, ‘practice supervisors’, and ‘practice assessors’ in replacement of traditional mentorship.


Universities alongside employers will work out who is best placed to take on the roles of practice supervisor, practice assessor, and academic assessor. They should also work to make sure people in those roles are properly prepared and supported.

What are the new roles?

Practice assessors will assess and confirm the students’ achievements for practice learning, and recommend students for progression in partnership with the academic assessor.

Practice supervisors will supervise students on placements. Any registered health or social care professional can undertake this role. All nurses and midwives should be capable of acting as practice supervisors.

Academic assessors will collate and confirm the student’s learning and achievement in theory.


There will be no formal qualification for practice supervisors, anyone on the NMC register, even if they’re newly qualified, can be a practice supervisor, as long as they are prepared and understand the new roles and the new standards.

New educational standards.

The new education standards will also see the removal of the cap on simulated practice hours alongside plans to make it easier for nurses and midwives return to practice.

The standards represent two years’ work and have been developed alongside nurses – as well as students, educators, healthcare professionals, charities and patient groups from across the UK.

This change will come in after January 2019.


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