NMC explores using experience statements in fitness to practice cases

The regulator is striving to bring people to the heart of its work.

Ian Snug
13 February 2020
Fitness to Practice

The regulator also plans to give the public support from the moment they raise a concern until the point the case ends.

The Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) is exploring the use of personal experience statements as part of its mission of “bringing people to the heart of its work”.


Research undertaken by the regulator shows that using personal experience statements allows the public an equal voice within fitness to practice investigations.

The NMC says this will lead to achieving the best evidence, improved decision making, early resolution of a case, clarity to the individual concerned and increased openness and transparency.

Alongside the proposals, the regulator is also in the process of piloting another new initiative to give the public end-to-end support from the moment they raise a concern until the point the case ends.

Taking into account the voice of everyone involved.

Director of Fitness to Practise (FtP), Matthew McClelland, said: “At the heart of this work is making sure our approach to fitness to practise is inclusive and takes into account the voice of everyone involved when something has gone wrong in a health and social care setting.


“In the same way that we already encourage nursing and midwifery professionals involved in our proceedings to be open with us about what happened, understanding this experience from the perspective of an individual person who has also been affected could be incredibly valuable when assessing what else we may need to do to ensure the safety and wellbeing of people using and working in health and care services.

“While the development of this work is still in its early stages, it could really allow us to tread new ground as a regulator and we look forward to taking the findings and recommendations of the research forward as part of future engagement with our stakeholders over the coming months.”

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