NMC to maintain £120 annual registration fee for ‘as long as possible’

The annual registration fee for nurses and midwives was last increased in 2015.

Matt Bodell
11 April 2019
nursing and midwifery council

The regulator plans to keep registration fees “affordable” by maintaining the current fee for “as long as possible”.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has said it plans to “keeping registration fees affordable” and maintain the registration fee at the current level for “as long as possible”.


Following a consultation, in February 2015 the annual registration fee for nurses and midwives increased from £100 to £120 – it has not been increased since.

The fee remains well below that of other working professionals.

Council meeting minutes from March state; “The fees strategy aims to ensure that the fee is affordable by nurses, midwives and nursing associates while at the same time providing sufficient funding to enable us to operate effectively as the regulator.

Continuing; “Provided registrant numbers remain stable and inflation remains low, we aim to maintain the registration fee at the current £120 level for as long as possible.”


“We aim to do this by generating cost savings through investment in new systems and continuous improvement of our processes, and through our new investment policy, which aims to earn an above-inflation rate of return on our investable cash balances.”

Before adding; “The indicative budget for 2021-2022 shows a surplus, demonstrating that our finances remain sustainable with the fee at £120.”

On social media Andrea Sutcliffe, the Chief Executive and Registrar of the Nursing and Midwifery Council, said; “The Council agreed a financial strategy in March which commits to maintaining our fee at the same level for as long as possible.

“Our main central London office benefits from a very low rent and we are moving the other two offices to Stratford which will save money & keep staff.”


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