RCN pledges to promote lifelong learning for nursing home staff

An agreement outlines the role learning representatives play in promoting learning and development.

Matt Bodell
2 August 2019
Nursing Home Social Care

The new agreement will support the creation of learning representative roles in social care.

The Royal College of Nursing will be working in partnership with one of the UK’s largest care home providers to promote and support lifelong learning for nursing staff.


The learning agreement, which was signed by both parties today, provides a framework for the RCN and Caring Homes Group to work together to provide ongoing training and development for RCN members and other staff working through Caring Homes Group, both employed and agency staff.

The national agreement, which is the second of its kind for the RCN, also outlines the crucial role RCN learning representatives play in promoting learning and development. It will support the creation of new learning representative roles in Caring Homes’ services across the UK. So far, 14 RCN learning representatives have been recruited.

Development of our people.

Tracey Humphreys, Clinical Training Manager, Caring Homes Group, and RCN Learning Representative said: “I’ve been a rep for over a year and the training’s very good and has really benefited my own development. A learning agreement helps signpost people to the right training and helps colleagues with any further training and development.

“I’d seen the benefits of being in a learning agreement with the RCN so, in my role as Clinical Training Manager, it was something I really wanted Caring Homes to consider and I saw lots of potential in an agreement.


“It’s a further example of Caring Homes Group’s commitment to the learning and development of our people, and it shows our residents that we care.“

Support for members in social care.

RCN National Officer Irene Murray said: “Sometimes it has been hard for our members in the social care sector to take full advantage of the services the RCN offers because we didn’t have enough representatives in place – services such as career development or well-being support.

“This agreement gives us the chance to really support our members in the social care sector and make sure we have a base of representatives in place. This agreement means our learning reps know what to expect and formalises that relationship so they can work in partnership with their employer, sitting on relevant groups or committees.

“The RCN has a huge amount to offer as a professional body and our learning reps have access to a wealth of resources to help support training and development in their workplace, which in turn has a positive impact on patient care.”


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