Six-foot Santa cake pays tribute to hardworking NHS staff

The cake was the baker’s way of giving a virtual hug to all who have not been able to hug their loved ones this year.

Ian Snug
7 December 2020

An extreme cake maker made the six-foot cake for NHS staff.

NHS staff working in the North West received a very special treat and a touching tribute to their hard work on Friday.


Extreme cake maker Rosie Dummer, known as Rosie Cake Diva, delivered a six-foot Santa cake to workers at the Royal Bolton Hospital in time for Christmas. 

The cake, entitled ‘A Hug for Christmas’ was a gift from Rosie to staff at the Trust who have had such a challenging year. 

The cake, showing a lifesize Father Christmas hugging a facemask wearing nurse, was Rosie’s way of giving a virtual hug to all who have not been able to hug their loved ones this year.

Lauren, a Staff Nurse at the Trust, told NursingNotes that the cake brought a tear to her eye and filled her with “joy”. “The person who made the cake managed to portray how much we all need a hug right now,” she said.


Staff from the Trust’s catering department had their work cut out cutting hundreds of pieces of the giant Father Christmas to ensure that staff could enjoy a piece of cake when their shift finished.

The Trust also ensured cake was delivered to some of the areas local health centres for the hardworking community teams there.

Andy Ennis, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust said: “We were delighted with Rosie’s kind gesture.

“It has put such a smile on people’s faces after what has been a tough year for our staff. The cake was absolutely incredible, and also very tasty! 


“Thank you Rosie.” 

The cake delivery was filmed by Channel 5 as part of their Amazing Cakes and Bakes series. The programme will air shortly before Christmas. 

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